Geneva Airport

Geneva Airport has selected a Geneva-based company with strong development potential.

On completion of the “display advertising” tender process launched at the end of 2014, Geneva Airport has just awarded the new concession to the company Neo Advertising.
As a reminder, two operators held concessions until now for display advertising at Geneva Airport: APG/SGA (for traditional display) and Neo Advertising (for digital advertising).

This had been the situation since 2009, the year of the last tender for display advertising. At the time, Geneva Airport had deliberately split the business into two separate concessions. Digital, in fact, had only just emerged and raised many questions as to the economic model and also advertisers’ strategies. There was therefore a need for a learning curve.
That turned out to be positive and it enabled Geneva Airport to define clearly the framework for future years.

The tender organized in 2014 thus focused on a single concession for all advertising, which will facilitate better management of the technical transitions and commercial synergies between traditional and digital displays.

After an open and highly competitive competition between the three applications received, all of high quality, the company Neo Advertising was selected.

With this choice, Geneva Airport is supporting the development of a Geneva-based company with high development potential and is thus enhancing the role of local operators on the site.