Geneva Airport

Geneva Airport closes the 2015 financial year with a turnover of 423.7 million Swiss francs, allowing the company to report a profit of 74.6 million Swiss francs. Investments of 112 million were made without raising the debt.

Geneva Airport ended 2015 with a turnover of 423,7 million Swiss francs (a 4.9% increase as compared to 2014), which allows it to report a 74.6 million profit. Half of this profit was disbursed to the State of Geneva.

Aeronautical revenues (landing royalties, passenger charges…) represent 55.2% of the 2015 revenues of the airport, against 44.8% of non-aeronautical revenues (commercial fees, parkings, operating revenue…). Investments of CHF 112 million were made without raising the debt.

In 2015, Geneva’s connectivity improved. About 142 destinations were served by regular direct flights, of which 119 European and 23 intercontinental.
The main companies operating on the platform are easyJet (43,2%), SWISS (15%), British Airways (4,7%), Air France (4,6%), Lufthansa (3,8%), KLM (2,7%), Brussels Airlines (2,2%), TAP (2%), Iberia (1,9%) and Turkish Airlines (1,6%).

The five most popular destinations are London (2,328,698 passengers), Paris (1,009,200), Amsterdam (645,928), Brussels (566,024) and Barcelona (559,615).

As a reminder, 15,772,271 passengers arrived at the Geneva Airport in 2015, which translated into a 4.1% increase compared to 2014.

The 620,000 additional passengers registered during the calendar year have generated only a small variation in the number of movements (take-offs and landings).
Commercial traffic (line, charter…) only increased by 1.16%, while non-commercial traffic (pleasure flying, military flights and flights of the Government…) decreased by 3.72%.
In total, the evolution of aircraft traffic caps in 2015 at 0.66%, with 188,829 movements (compared to 187,596 in 2014).

On the other hand, air freight activity at the Geneva Airport declined by 10.3% to 65,016 tonnes. A barometer of the health of the economy, this sector was impacted by the overall slowdown, and it has even suffered from an increased competition between the Swiss airports in this sector, including exports to the Gulf countries.
Despite the appreciation of the Swiss franc against several other currencies, experts agree however on highlighting the good level of the export volume, which suggests a positive outlook for 2016.