It’s easy to advertise, but less easy to recycle advertising materials. Neo Advertising prides itself on evaluating its environmental impact and adopting a sustainable policy in all its projects. As a responsible stakeholder, we follow recycling and waste recovery practices that offset the impact of the goods used in our promotional campaigns.

As you have no doubt already noticed, PVC-coated polyester canvas is used in the advertising at Geneva Airport. When a promotional campaign is over, the canvas used is rolled up and left in a special collection point (see photo) to be brought to Texyloop ®’s collection centre in French-speaking Switzerland.

This innovative procedure allows the polyester to be separated from the PVC, which means it neither needs to be incinerated nor disposed of in a landfill. The membrane is then transformed into a secondary raw material to produce rooftop garden liners. This initiative partially meets the growing demand from this export market, which already represents more than 30 million m2 in Germany.

Recycling end-of-life products means there is no need to extract new resources, thus reducing the environmental impact by an average of 80%. Over the next four years, Geneva Airport’s advertising campaigns will generate 3,000 m2 of rooftop garden liners, conserve 2,950 m3 of water, save 475,000 MJ of energy and prevent the release of 29 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere.
Neo Advertising and Texyloop will work together on this exciting and worthwhile project in the years to come.

*source Texyloop ® for a 10,000 m2 estimate