shopping malls and LED screens

In the face of the growing e-commerce sector, today’s shopping malls are confronted with a stark new challenge:
To take their customers on a journey of discovery and give them a truly exciting shopping experience throughout their visit. Customers can then combine their shopping with innovative and novel leisure activities – which is what differentiates a visit to a shopping centre from a simple online purchase.

It’s therefore essential for shopping malls to diversify and invest in cutting edge installations that can redefine what a display window or even the centre itself can be. Retail is the number one sector for the constantly changing field of DOOH communication, which guides and engages shoppers right at the point of sale.

True to form, we have again risen to the challenge and are delighted to be able to offer shopping malls a Branding Zone like no other: 100% digital, 100% curved, with a surface area of 15.55 m x 1.15 m.
These LED screens provide exceptional visibility and interactivity, and convey the desired message with even more power.
We’re enormously proud of this Swiss première.

MMM Crissier’s Branding Zone ensures relevant, targeted communication, conveying messages with immediacy, creativity, and guaranteed interactivity.
These installations connect with shoppers in an extraordinary, impressive way, and their strategic placement allows them to reach every visitor who comes through the door.