Environmental sustainability has always been a point of honour for Neo Advertising. In 2016, we set ourselves a target of attaining the EcoEntreprise certification by July 2017.

To support this campaign, in recent months and years we have implemented several initiatives to integrate a certain level of environmental awareness into our professional and personal lives.
As our CEO Christian Vaglio-Giors highlights, environmental awareness is a fundamental value and essential factor in the future of Neo Advertising. This drive is part of our Smart Outdoor campaign.

To this end, setting out our commitments and responsibilities in writing through the EcoEntreprise certification has been a key step in outperforming our competitors.
Indeed, we are proud to be the first Swiss company in OOH to be awarded this certification.

In order to raise awareness among our employees and teach them the value of this certification, we gave each of them a bonsai tree and a glass bottle for drinking water. Bonsai trees are a symbol of respect for the environment.

Each employee is responsible for taking care of their tree, which in turn symbolises our planet. Using glass bottles has allowed us to get rid of plastic bottles and thus considerably reduce waste. In addition, we created a Sustainability Code to standardise Neo Advertising’s main activities.

This code is the go-to point for our ethical and sustainable approach to advertising displays. In addition to the bonsai trees and glass bottles, we also introduced this campaign through a fun event, inviting everyone at Neo Advertising to join us for an open-air picnic lunch.