Branding Zone in malls

As a real concentration of emotions, technology and design, these digital mega-surfaces—that are more than 12 m² on average—offer an exclusive communication space to allow advertisers to unleash their imaginations and creativity to surprise their customers.

There are currently seven Branding Zones near to the biggest shopping centres in the country (La Praille, Balexert, Migros Crissier, Migros Romanel, Letzipark, Fribourg Centre)—and number eight will soon arrive with a project at Wankdorf (Bern). They meet the needs of advertisers who have understood the importance of reaching their audience as close as possible to the points of sale to sway their customers’ buying decision. According to the latest POPAI study, more than 80% of purchase decisions are made at the point of sale and 60% of purchases are spontaneous.

The latest from this product range—the Branding Zones at Letzipark (ZH), Crissier (VD) and Balexert (GE)—are surprising because of their size (22 m², 17.8 m² and 48 m²), the picture quality, their key positioning (central atrium for Letzipark and Crissier, and the main entrance for Balexert), and their individuality (each Branding Zone must integrate perfectly into the architecture of the shopping centre)—all of which draws shoppers into the world of the brand on display. If so desired, these digital mega-surfaces can become connected to interact with the visitors to the shopping centre.

With more than 200 m² of LED surfaces using the latest technology installed in the last year, Neo Advertising is confirming its digital leadership in the world of shopping centres.
The development of these Branding Zones illustrates its “Smart Outdoor” philosophy. They offer customers the highest quality, unique communication solutions, which are always a step ahead and connected to run smart campaigns that are appealing and emotional—imagining the most beautiful stories for their marketing target.