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Advertising campaign

Your partner for an impactful advertising campaign

Do you want people to get to know your company, recognise your latest innovations, gain greater awareness of your brand’s flagship product? Our specialists at Neo Advertising SA will help you plan your advertising campaigns, optimising their reach as well as their effectiveness. In Switzerland, a selection of advertising spaces will be suggested to you to ensure that your brand message and advertising campaign reaches your target group directly.

Whether you are a regional authority, a local group, a company or a brand, your very different needs and personal advertising message need to be communicated through the right channel. From classic billboards to digital screens placed in the most highly frequented, strategic positions, Neo Advertising SA will ensure that your campaign is seen for as long as it lasts.

Known for its innovative advertising formats, Neo Advertising SA also offers its customers ‘cross-media’ campaigns to: a combination of a mobile digital campaign with a classic outdoor advertising campaign to increase awareness among the highly mobile, urban target groups in the cities of Geneva, Bern or Zurich.

Investment in programmatic DOOH advertising has grown enormously. The main drivers of this development have been effective targeting and the opportunity to better integrate programmatic DOOH with other marketing channels. To optimise your advertising campaigns, we have developed our DOOH coverage considerably over the past few years. Now nothing can get in the way of a powerful DOOH ad thanks to programmatic purchasing.

An effective outdoor ad campaign offers visibility, as well as good, long-term recall of the advertising message. This makes a good knowledge of all existing advertising spaces and locations absolutely imperative. In addition, our experts already know your needs and communication goals; even better, they can recommend a selection of effective, high-performance advertising spaces in locations chosen especially for you.

Draw on the experience and savoir-faire of Neo Advertising SA. We have been leading advertising campaigns for Swiss institutions and companies since 2003, and have an extensive portfolio of advertising spaces nationwide. Contact us by phone or via our contact form so we can help you run a successful outdoor advertising campaign.