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Billboard advertising

Neo Advertising SA, the advertising display specialist

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising is the communication tool that is best received by the people. Situated in strategic, well-frequented locations, these ad spaces are seen and accepted by the target group. This guarantees maximum attention for your advertising message.

Neo Advertising SA is a major player in OOH advertising. Thanks to an extensive portfolio of ad spaces in first-rate locations, you can reach a wide audience with effective advertising messages. For a national outdoor advertising campaign covering Geneva, Bern and Zurich, our large selection of locations makes us the ideal partner for meeting your communication goals and reaching your target group.

More and more brands are now choosing DOOH for their advertising campaigns. Because DOOH is the ideal form of out-of-home advertising to increase your visibility while reaching an audience that is constantly evolving. This is now possible thanks to programmatic purchasing, which allows the tailored scheduling of advertising campaigns with customised messages. Following precise criteria set by you, your advertising campaign will be displayed to the right person at the right time, with the appropriate message.  

Neo Advertising’s DOOH offering is expanding rapidly. Our screens for your digital ads are placed in all the most strategic locations: 

Railway stations (CEVA railway line)
Public transport stops (VBZ local transport network and CEVA line)
Geneva Airport
Roadside: Geneva (Lancy, Onex, the Rue du Rhône), Zurich (VBZ), Ticino (from Lugano to Chiasso), Rotpunkt pharmacies (German-speaking Switzerland)
Shopping centres throughout Switzerland
Coop Pronto service stations
Cultural destinations and places of interest such as Palexpo and Let’s Go Fitness


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