Following a tender procedure, the Migros Neuchâtel-Fribourg Cooperative has selected Neo Advertising as exclusive operator for all Marin Centre ’s digital display media.

Marin Centre is the 2nd largest shopping mall in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, bringing together 54 retailers, including Migros, Decathlon, Media Markt, H&M and Globus, and visited by more than 4 million people every year. This is one of the most important shopping centres in the country, with a sales area of over 36,000m2 and an annual turnover purchase volume of CHF 200 million.

The advertising spaces deployed by Neo Advertising include 29 Digital Shopping Network surfaces (i.e. portrait screens displayed on totems, 14 of which are interactive) and two 11m2 LED Branding Zones.

As of now, this new shopping center is included in Neo Advertising’s “Malls 2019” offering.

CityZen – the Cities’ partner for Smart City projects – is pleased to welcome Neo Advertising among its members. Neo Advertising will contribute its skills and resources in the field of street furniture and advertising.

Neo Advertising is a leading player in the Swiss outdoor advertising market (Out-of-Home or OOH). With a portfolio of more than 12,000 advertising spaces distributed throughout the country and located in high value-added outdoor advertising environments, Neo Advertising enables its clients to reach massive audiences with a high quality of exposure and advertising impact. Founded in Geneva in 2003, the company now has more than 60 employees at its locations in Geneva, Zurich and Winterthur.

Christian Vaglio-Giors, CEO of Neo Advertising, comments on this affiliation: “We are very pleased to be able to contribute to the development of CityZen by bringing our skills and experience in the field of outdoor advertising. As a public domain advertising device operator, we have a role to play in Smart City programs and intend to be very proactive in participating in them.”.

With Neo Advertising, the CityZen association is expanding its integrated Smart City offer; its affiliation was confirmed by the General Meeting of 26 June 2018.

Neo Advertising wins an open bid and is awarded an exclusive contract to provide promotional display and sponsorship services to Palexpo, Geneva’s exhibition and congress centre

As of 1 January 2019, all promotional displays located on, near, and in Palexpo buildings will be operated and marketed by Neo Advertising, Geneva’s out-of-home advertising expert.

Neo Advertising, which had already been operating the digital displays used inside Palexpo buildings, has now been awarded an exclusive five-year contract to operate and market all advertising material—both traditional and digital—used on Palexpo’s grounds.

Over the course of the fourth quarter of 2018, Neo Advertising and Palexpo will undertake a major overhaul of their advertising infrastructure, with the aim of offering organisers, exhibitors, and third-party advertisers next-generation visual and product displays that meet the needs of various stakeholders. Neo Advertising will present more qualitative media, a deeper digital offering, new iconic spaces, and cross-media marketing services.

In partnership with Palexpo, Neo Advertising will also develop a new sponsorship offering allowing organisers, exhibitors, and third-party advertisers to reach the public through temporary spaces and structures and original Street Marketing operations.

Christian Vaglio-Giors, Neo Advertising’s CEO, commented: “We are delighted and proud to continue and significantly expand our collaboration with Palexpo. Taking over Palexpo’s entire promotional display portfolio will allow us to improve our advertising offering and increase its effectiveness, and also offer our clients never-before-seen advertising methods and solutions for this type of environment”.

The new advertising and sponsorship offering will be unveiled during the third quarter of 2018.

Tamedia wants to add outdoor advertising to its offering for advertising customers. The Swiss media group is therefore planning to acquire a majority stake in Neo Advertising.

With more than 50 media products and platforms, Tamedia boasts Switzerland’s strongest digital and print portfolio and has proven expertise and innovative strength in the area of digital advertising. The Swiss media group now wants to add outdoor advertising to its marketing offer. Thanks to the combination of print and online advertising with posters and digital outdoor advertising, advertising customers should benefit from new offers and be able to book cross-media and cross-platform campaigns in a simpler manner. Tamedia is therefore planning to acquire a majority stake in Neo Advertising SA, which is headquartered in Geneva.

Neo Advertising is one of Switzerland’s leading companies in the area of so-called out-of-home advertising. Founded in 2003, the company operates and markets around 12,000 digital and analogue outdoor advertising spaces both in German-speaking and French-speaking Switzerland. Together with Neo Advertising, Tamedia wants to further develop the Swiss outdoor advertising market. The company, which has 45 employees, is to be managed in future together with the existing team. Tamedia is to acquire a majority stake in Neo Advertising, but the founding shareholders, notably CEO Christian Vaglio-Giors, co-founder Alexandre de Senger as well as the Genevan entrepreneur s Nicolas Giorgini and Philippe Moser, will remain stock owners. The investment is subject to the approval of the Federal Competition Commission.

Christoph Tonini, CEO of Tamedia: “We want to be able to offer our customers comprehensive advertising solutions from a single source. Thanks to its innovative out-of-home approach, Neo Advertising is therefore a perfect additio n to Tam edia Advertising. We look forward to working together with Christian Vaglio-Giors and his team.”

Christian Vaglio-Giors, CEO of Neo Advertising: “Joining forces with Switzerland’s leading media group is a fantastic opportunity. Not only would it allow Neo to better seize the digital transformation opportunity; it would also bring our innovation and differentiation capabilities to a higher level, benefiting both our historical and future partners and clients. The Tamedia and Neo teams work hard to transform our strategic project into a transaction.”

Tamedia: Christoph Zimmer, Head of Corporate Communications
+41 44 248 41 35,
Neo Advertising: Christian Vaglio-Giors, CEO
+41 22 949 77 77,

Six months after being awarded the tender to manage advertising displays in the public domain for the City of Geneva, the Geneva-based communications firm has moved up to a new level by winning the three biggest lots of the analogue billboarding tender in the public domain for the City of Zurich.

Following a call for tenders covering 1,800 advertising spaces, including 426 for national and international advertisers, Neo Advertising has won 237 spaces with the F200, F12 and F24 formats, for a 5-year period beginning on 1 July 2018.

Christian Vaglio-Giors, CEO of Neo Advertising said “I am very happy that our efforts to develop in the Zurich region are bearing fruit today with this highly symbolic victory. It builds on our national offer, confirms our presence in the two biggest cities in the country and demonstrates that Neo Advertising is also welcome in German-speaking Switzerland.”

The 237 surfaces in Zurich will be added to Neo Advertising’s City offering. All of the surfaces will be included in the SPR+ media planning tool and will be available from the second quarter of 2018.

Environmental sustainability has always been a point of honour for Neo Advertising. In 2016, we set ourselves a target of attaining the EcoEntreprise certification by July 2017.

To support this campaign, in recent months and years we have implemented several initiatives to integrate a certain level of environmental awareness into our professional and personal lives.
As our CEO Christian Vaglio-Giors highlights, environmental awareness is a fundamental value and essential factor in the future of Neo Advertising. This drive is part of our Smart Outdoor campaign.

To this end, setting out our commitments and responsibilities in writing through the EcoEntreprise certification has been a key step in outperforming our competitors.
Indeed, we are proud to be the first Swiss company in OOH to be awarded this certification.

In order to raise awareness among our employees and teach them the value of this certification, we gave each of them a bonsai tree and a glass bottle for drinking water. Bonsai trees are a symbol of respect for the environment.

Each employee is responsible for taking care of their tree, which in turn symbolises our planet. Using glass bottles has allowed us to get rid of plastic bottles and thus considerably reduce waste. In addition, we created a Sustainability Code to standardise Neo Advertising’s main activities.

This code is the go-to point for our ethical and sustainable approach to advertising displays. In addition to the bonsai trees and glass bottles, we also introduced this campaign through a fun event, inviting everyone at Neo Advertising to join us for an open-air picnic lunch.

This year, Neo Advertising again had the pleasure of being one of the premium sponsors of the Banque Eric Sturdza ATP Geneva Open.
Our clients were able to watch all the matches from two VIP boxes in the third row of the centre court, and had access to the lounge bar overlooking Parc des Eaux Vives and Château VIP restaurant with unobstructed views over the lake.

‘The Geneva Open is becoming more popular than we ever thought possible. The public has responded positively as a result of a year of substantial work to interest people – particularly young people – in the event,’ explains tournament director Thierry Grin.

All the more reason for Neo Advertising to support this exciting tournament that’s never short on surprises.
We used the occasion to highlight our new slogan by covering the east stand in a giant canvas with our slogan ‘Smart Outdoor’ and displayed a Neo CycloCargo opposite the canvas.

We also called on Direct News by Michel Robadin to launch a live Neo Advertising segment during the tournament with a focus on the word ‘Smart’.
Over the five days, Robadin interviewed Alain Tripod, president of the tennis club, Jakob Hlasek, former pro player, Ion Tiriac, co-owner of the Banque Eric Sturdza ATP Geneva Open, and Marc Rosset, former Olympic champion. The interviewees all played along by giving the first word that came into their heads for each letter in the word ‘Smart’. A fun but strategic reference that ran throughout the week of interviews.

The Neo Advertising segment proved successful with more than 70,000 views in total – on a par with the tournament itself.
A magical souvenir that we will remember for years to come.

It’s easy to advertise, but less easy to recycle advertising materials. Neo Advertising prides itself on evaluating its environmental impact and adopting a sustainable policy in all its projects. As a responsible stakeholder, we follow recycling and waste recovery practices that offset the impact of the goods used in our promotional campaigns.

As you have no doubt already noticed, PVC-coated polyester canvas is used in the advertising at Geneva Airport. When a promotional campaign is over, the canvas used is rolled up and left in a special collection point (see photo) to be brought to Texyloop ®’s collection centre in French-speaking Switzerland.

This innovative procedure allows the polyester to be separated from the PVC, which means it neither needs to be incinerated nor disposed of in a landfill. The membrane is then transformed into a secondary raw material to produce rooftop garden liners. This initiative partially meets the growing demand from this export market, which already represents more than 30 million m2 in Germany.

Recycling end-of-life products means there is no need to extract new resources, thus reducing the environmental impact by an average of 80%. Over the next four years, Geneva Airport’s advertising campaigns will generate 3,000 m2 of rooftop garden liners, conserve 2,950 m3 of water, save 475,000 MJ of energy and prevent the release of 29 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere.
Neo Advertising and Texyloop will work together on this exciting and worthwhile project in the years to come.

*source Texyloop ® for a 10,000 m2 estimate

Geneva Airport closes the 2015 financial year with a turnover of 423.7 million Swiss francs, allowing the company to report a profit of 74.6 million Swiss francs. Investments of 112 million were made without raising the debt.

Geneva Airport ended 2015 with a turnover of 423,7 million Swiss francs (a 4.9% increase as compared to 2014), which allows it to report a 74.6 million profit. Half of this profit was disbursed to the State of Geneva.

Aeronautical revenues (landing royalties, passenger charges…) represent 55.2% of the 2015 revenues of the airport, against 44.8% of non-aeronautical revenues (commercial fees, parkings, operating revenue…). Investments of CHF 112 million were made without raising the debt.

In 2015, Geneva’s connectivity improved. About 142 destinations were served by regular direct flights, of which 119 European and 23 intercontinental.
The main companies operating on the platform are easyJet (43,2%), SWISS (15%), British Airways (4,7%), Air France (4,6%), Lufthansa (3,8%), KLM (2,7%), Brussels Airlines (2,2%), TAP (2%), Iberia (1,9%) and Turkish Airlines (1,6%).

The five most popular destinations are London (2,328,698 passengers), Paris (1,009,200), Amsterdam (645,928), Brussels (566,024) and Barcelona (559,615).

As a reminder, 15,772,271 passengers arrived at the Geneva Airport in 2015, which translated into a 4.1% increase compared to 2014.

The 620,000 additional passengers registered during the calendar year have generated only a small variation in the number of movements (take-offs and landings).
Commercial traffic (line, charter…) only increased by 1.16%, while non-commercial traffic (pleasure flying, military flights and flights of the Government…) decreased by 3.72%.
In total, the evolution of aircraft traffic caps in 2015 at 0.66%, with 188,829 movements (compared to 187,596 in 2014).

On the other hand, air freight activity at the Geneva Airport declined by 10.3% to 65,016 tonnes. A barometer of the health of the economy, this sector was impacted by the overall slowdown, and it has even suffered from an increased competition between the Swiss airports in this sector, including exports to the Gulf countries.
Despite the appreciation of the Swiss franc against several other currencies, experts agree however on highlighting the good level of the export volume, which suggests a positive outlook for 2016.

Geneva Airport has selected a Geneva-based company with strong development potential.

On completion of the “display advertising” tender process launched at the end of 2014, Geneva Airport has just awarded the new concession to the company Neo Advertising.
As a reminder, two operators held concessions until now for display advertising at Geneva Airport: APG/SGA (for traditional display) and Neo Advertising (for digital advertising).

This had been the situation since 2009, the year of the last tender for display advertising. At the time, Geneva Airport had deliberately split the business into two separate concessions. Digital, in fact, had only just emerged and raised many questions as to the economic model and also advertisers’ strategies. There was therefore a need for a learning curve.
That turned out to be positive and it enabled Geneva Airport to define clearly the framework for future years.

The tender organized in 2014 thus focused on a single concession for all advertising, which will facilitate better management of the technical transitions and commercial synergies between traditional and digital displays.

After an open and highly competitive competition between the three applications received, all of high quality, the company Neo Advertising was selected.

With this choice, Geneva Airport is supporting the development of a Geneva-based company with high development potential and is thus enhancing the role of local operators on the site.