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Vision, mission and values

We like to surprise. Fasten your seatbelt and join us

We love to surprise; to push the boundaries of the world of outdoor advertising.


To be the leader in outdoor advertising in Switzerland; to be recognised for the relevance of our products, our operational excellence, our human qualities and our creative intelligence.

    Our superpowers

    Having a vision is all very well. But turning it into reality? Now that’s superhero stuff.


    To surprise and push the boundaries of the outdoor advertising sector in Switzerland

    To put at the disposal of our clients and partners a high-quality offering based on our multidisciplinary expertise and achieve the objectives they set

    To be innovative and intelligent in our approach, to think outside the box and to make full use of data to create successful campaigns that make their mark, in the right places, at the right times, with the right media

    To aim for operational and technological excellence thanks to agility and rigour, with the capacity to stay ahead of the game and overcome challenges

    To always remain close to our clients and partners by building positive relationships based on empathy, flexibility and trust

    To demonstrate our commitment to sustainability by integrating a responsible approach into our organisation and its operations, while remaining humble and pragmatic

    Our identity

    Like all superheroes, we have a moral code.



    Ambition, without arrogance
    Neo is a company that is unafraid of punching above its weight and pushing the boundaries of the outdoor advertising sector. We avoid spreading ourselves too thin, and concentrate instead on customer satisfaction.

    Intelligence with a focus on what matters
    We love to surprise. We think outside the box and offer customised approaches and unique experiences that leave nothing to chance. Smart, yes, but with a listening ear.

    Determination with flexibility
    We see our projects through to the end, never compromising on quality. We stay focused on the goal, while retaining the agility necessary to overcome obstacles and manage constraints.

    Empathy informed by pragmatism
    The success of our clients and partners is what drives us on! We build trusting relationships, remaining approachable, available and responsive, with our sights firmly set on their goals.

    Passion that isn't blind
    We love our work. We get up every morning wanting to dream up new experiences that will reach your target audience. It’s a passion fuelled by expertise and boundless curiosity.

    Our milestones


    Concessions: TPG in Geneva, Zürich city (partial lots), Maus Frères (Manor)
    Launch of the Power Neutral program by Neo



    Concessions: VBZ in Zurich, Coop Retail, Migros Aare, Rotpunkt Apotheken and city of Nyon



    Commercialization BLT/BVB Basel National
    ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications



    Integration into the Goldbach Group
    Concession of Bern city
    CO2 neutrality



    Integration into TX Group
    Concession of Zurich city (partial lots)



    Concession Geneva city



    Concession Genève Aéroport



    Start of the classic advertising offer



    Concession Coop Pronto



    Founding of Neo Advertising SA