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Our responsible approach

It’s time for action, not satisfaction. Committing to the long term, never tiring, standing firm. Displaying our commitments? That’s not what matters. Responsible advertising displays. That’s what drives us.

Our work isn’t environmentally focused. But it’s necessary. It’s useful. For supporting the economy. For promoting culture. For informing the general public. We continue our work while monitoring our environmental and social impact as far as possible and keeping our business sustainable over the long term. We’re not perfect, but we’re determined to make progress every day.

We know we could fully offset our carbon emissions. That’s the easy part. But our efforts go way beyond this. Reducing our CO2 emissions is the real challenge. Since 2019, we’ve been taking tangible action on our carbon footprint on a daily basis.

If we act alone in our bubble, our impact will be minimal and will only touch our organisation. We need to work with our customers, partners and suppliers to ensure we make progress along the path towards sustainability. We’d like to push the boundaries of advertising displays in Switzerland.