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A trend forever reinventing itself

Digital screens represent 18% of sales revenues for the OOH market in Switzerland, and we are pioneers in this field. Today, with close to 2,200 digital advertising displays, we offer innovative and original solutions in the following segments: Roadside, Airport, Shopping Centres, POS and POI.

In 2003, we were among the first in the advertising market to offer digital screens in shopping centres. We rapidly expanded this offering to include exhibition centres, convenience stores and Geneva Airport and, from 2017, roadside advertising in certain cities and municipalities in Switzerland.

Always seeking innovations, in 2020 we also started offering programmatic solutions. This means your advertising campaigns can now be displayed based on precise set of criteria, variables and locations. And all our digital formats can be targeted! As our digital inventory is accessible for all DSPs, we can now accommodate your craziest ideas.



Planning has never been so simple.
Explore our myriad solutions and choose from networks created by our specialists or opt for individual ad spaces. Better still: contact us for a quote tailored precisely to your needs.

Network Technology Concept Format NR. of faces Gross price / week
2023 - Diva DOOH

Coverage network

9:16 full-HD portrait 30 CHF 15'000
Rotpunkt DOOH


9:16 full-HD portrait 109 CHF 500 / 10 seconds / pharmacy
Chiasso DOOH

Via Emilio Bossi 33

9:16 full-HD portrait 2 CHF 360 / écran
Mendrisio DOOH

Dans des vitrines au coeur de Mendrisio, Corso Bello 8

9:16 full-HD portrait 2 CHF 360 / écran
Serpiano DOOH

A l’entrée du restaurant Funivia

9:16 full-HD portrait 1 CHF 360 / écran
Lugano Paradisio DOOH

Au bord du lac de Lugano, dans le quartier Paradisio

9:16 full-HD portrait 11 CHF 360 / écran
Thônex DOOH

Rue de Genève 106

9:16 full-HD portrait 2 CHF 360
Rue du Rhône DOOH

Rue du Rhône 50

9:16 full-HD portrait 1 CHF 300

Avenue des Grandes-Communes 27

9:16 full-HD portrait 1 CHF 360

Tunnel HUG

9:16 full-HD portrait 14 CHF 700
Lancy DOOH

Route de Chancy 62-70

9:16 full-HD portrait 2 CHF 1'080
Digital Boulevard Volketswil DOOH

Agglomération : Zurich, Winterthur / Zone de chalandise : Dübendorf, Uster

9:16 full-HD portrait 10 CHF 3'600