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Break up the routine

Surprise the customers right in their local retail outlets


6 Mio.

clients per week






classic surfaces


Convert the coffee break

Coop Pronto:
Impossible to miss! Reach an audience who might be open to impulse purchases while taking a break, going shopping or filling up the car thanks to our screens, strategically placed above checkouts.

Coop Retail:
Connect with nearly 4 million customers every week with our 1,400 classic ad spaces spread across the whole of Switzerland, and accompany your target customer on their buying journey.

Our advertising spaces are distributed around shopping centres and Coop stores – in entrance halls, arcades, indoor and outdoor car parks, entrances and sales areas – to offer high visibility and multiply touchpoints for your advertising campaign.


[Translate to English:] À vous de choisir : par zone linguistique, nationale, régionale, locale, zone de chalandise d’un point de vente.