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Forward-thinking advertising

Spread your message from the heart of the city right out to the cantonal borders with our spectacular, non-standard formats, in Geneva and in Basel.


290 Mio.

passengers in 2021
Geneva & Basel



Geneva & Basel



Geneva & Basel


Is your audience on the move? Public transport is the advertising space of choice. In collaboration with the local transport companies TPG in Geneva and BVB/BLT in Basel, we can offer your advertisements prime positions in the urban mobile environment. Whether it’s on the bus or the tram, inside or outside, we have a variety of original offerings for broad target audiences and all budgets.

Punctuate the daily commute, the school run and shopping trips with our creative advertising spaces, and let your campaign make its mark on every part of the city.

Explore our solutions in Geneva and Basel, or, better still, chat with us about your next campaign.


We spread your campaign by tram and bus in Geneva.

See our TPG offer


We spread your campaign by tram and bus in Basel.

See our BLT/BVB offer