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French-speaking Switzerland

Segments: Street, Public transports, Airport, Shopping centers, Points of sale, Points of interest




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Our story

Neo and its advertising innovations were born in French-speaking Switzerland. It was there that we were founded in 2003, and it is there that we continue to offer inspiring and engaging advertising segments and spaces.

As an official outdoor advertising provider to the city of Geneva, only we offer such a varied range of ad spaces, segments and formats. Which means we are able to support you in the most creative of your cross-media campaigns and multiply your touch points. 

When it comes to Geneva’s public transport companies, we respond quickly to the changing needs of transport advertising. We drive your campaigns right into the heart of the city and out again to cover the whole of the canton. We allow you to ride alongside the locals via a targeted, strategic offering, both inside and outside vehicles.

If it’s a dream you’re looking for, Geneva Airport provides a unique environment where your brand can resonate with people – locals and tourists alike – with high purchasing power. More than 400 displays, both digital and classic, are ready for take-off, set to spark emotion among 14 million passengers.

If you want to reach the international face of Geneva, as well as professionals and an engaged public, the place to be is Palexpo, the most international of all Swiss conference and exhibition centres. By advertising your brand at Palexpo, both outside and inside, you can spotlight your presence at the event and follow your target throughout their journey: from the airport, railway station or bus stop, all the way to your stand.

And, to stay as close as possible to your audience, let your brand shine on our networks of classic and digital advertising spaces in shopping centres, convenience stores and sports centres in prime locations right across the region.

Explore all our solutions, or, better still, chat with us about your next campaign.

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