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Street in French-speaking Switzerland

As the OOH leader in French-speaking Switzerland, our advertising solutions reach two million inhabitants – a quarter of the population of the country.


Neo, your key partner

Welcome to Geneva, the second most populous city and the second most important economic region in the country. French-speaking Switzerland is home to a dynamic network of major industries and benefits from an international position. It is a key region for any company seeking to reach among a large audience.

Geneva: Easily reach your audience with a targeted outdoor advertising campaign. With close to 4,000 ad spaces, both classic and digital, we offer optimum coverage of the entire region and all its transport networks. 

Nyon and the Lake Geneva area (Arc lémanique): expand your presence in the region thanks to our advertising displays in both public and private areas.



Planning has never been so simple.
Explore our myriad solutions and choose from networks created by our specialists or opt for individual ad spaces. Better still: contact us for a quote tailored precisely to your needs.


Network Technology Concept Format NR. of faces Gross price / week
2023 - Concerto OOH

Cross-border network

F12 20 CHF 6'000
2023 - Baryton + Concerto OOH

Cross-border network

F12 60 CHF 19'000
2023 - City M OOH

Coverage network

F4 55 CHF 4'600
2023 - Soprano OOH

Coverage network

F4 36 CHF 2'800
2023 - Rive Gauche OOH

Coverage network

F4 35 CHF 2'800
2023 - Rive Droite OOH

Coverage network

F4 35 CHF 2'800
2023 - Prima Donna OOH

Separate surfaces, exclusivity, geomarketing targeting on women aged 25-49 with purchasing power

F200L 30 CHF 22'500
2023 - Maestro OOH

Coverage network

F200L 35 CHF 21'500
2023 - Contralto OOH

Coverage network

F200 35 CHF 15'000
2023 - City S OOH

Coverage network

F4 35 CHF 2'800
2023 - City C OOH

Coverage network. Network reserved for culture.

F4 25 CHF 2'100
2023 - Baryton OOH

Coverage network

F12 40 CHF 13'000