Following a tender procedure, the Migros Neuchâtel-Fribourg Cooperative has selected Neo Advertising as exclusive operator for all Marin Centre ’s digital display media.

Marin Centre is the 2nd largest shopping mall in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, bringing together 54 retailers, including Migros, Decathlon, Media Markt, H&M and Globus, and visited by more than 4 million people every year. This is one of the most important shopping centres in the country, with a sales area of over 36,000m2 and an annual turnover purchase volume of CHF 200 million.

The advertising spaces deployed by Neo Advertising include 29 Digital Shopping Network surfaces (i.e. portrait screens displayed on totems, 14 of which are interactive) and two 11m2 LED Branding Zones.

As of now, this new shopping center is included in Neo Advertising’s “Malls 2019” offering.

Neo Advertising wins an open bid and is awarded an exclusive contract to provide promotional display and sponsorship services to Palexpo, Geneva’s exhibition and congress centre

As of 1 January 2019, all promotional displays located on, near, and in Palexpo buildings will be operated and marketed by Neo Advertising, Geneva’s out-of-home advertising expert.

Neo Advertising, which had already been operating the digital displays used inside Palexpo buildings, has now been awarded an exclusive five-year contract to operate and market all advertising material—both traditional and digital—used on Palexpo’s grounds.

Over the course of the fourth quarter of 2018, Neo Advertising and Palexpo will undertake a major overhaul of their advertising infrastructure, with the aim of offering organisers, exhibitors, and third-party advertisers next-generation visual and product displays that meet the needs of various stakeholders. Neo Advertising will present more qualitative media, a deeper digital offering, new iconic spaces, and cross-media marketing services.

In partnership with Palexpo, Neo Advertising will also develop a new sponsorship offering allowing organisers, exhibitors, and third-party advertisers to reach the public through temporary spaces and structures and original Street Marketing operations.

Christian Vaglio-Giors, Neo Advertising’s CEO, commented: “We are delighted and proud to continue and significantly expand our collaboration with Palexpo. Taking over Palexpo’s entire promotional display portfolio will allow us to improve our advertising offering and increase its effectiveness, and also offer our clients never-before-seen advertising methods and solutions for this type of environment”.

The new advertising and sponsorship offering will be unveiled during the third quarter of 2018.

In the face of the growing e-commerce sector, today’s shopping malls are confronted with a stark new challenge:
To take their customers on a journey of discovery and give them a truly exciting shopping experience throughout their visit. Customers can then combine their shopping with innovative and novel leisure activities – which is what differentiates a visit to a shopping centre from a simple online purchase.

It’s therefore essential for shopping malls to diversify and invest in cutting edge installations that can redefine what a display window or even the centre itself can be. Retail is the number one sector for the constantly changing field of DOOH communication, which guides and engages shoppers right at the point of sale.

True to form, we have again risen to the challenge and are delighted to be able to offer shopping malls a Branding Zone like no other: 100% digital, 100% curved, with a surface area of 15.55 m x 1.15 m.
These LED screens provide exceptional visibility and interactivity, and convey the desired message with even more power.
We’re enormously proud of this Swiss première.

MMM Crissier’s Branding Zone ensures relevant, targeted communication, conveying messages with immediacy, creativity, and guaranteed interactivity.
These installations connect with shoppers in an extraordinary, impressive way, and their strategic placement allows them to reach every visitor who comes through the door.

Geneva Airport has selected a Geneva-based company with strong development potential.

On completion of the “display advertising” tender process launched at the end of 2014, Geneva Airport has just awarded the new concession to the company Neo Advertising.
As a reminder, two operators held concessions until now for display advertising at Geneva Airport: APG/SGA (for traditional display) and Neo Advertising (for digital advertising).

This had been the situation since 2009, the year of the last tender for display advertising. At the time, Geneva Airport had deliberately split the business into two separate concessions. Digital, in fact, had only just emerged and raised many questions as to the economic model and also advertisers’ strategies. There was therefore a need for a learning curve.
That turned out to be positive and it enabled Geneva Airport to define clearly the framework for future years.

The tender organized in 2014 thus focused on a single concession for all advertising, which will facilitate better management of the technical transitions and commercial synergies between traditional and digital displays.

After an open and highly competitive competition between the three applications received, all of high quality, the company Neo Advertising was selected.

With this choice, Geneva Airport is supporting the development of a Geneva-based company with high development potential and is thus enhancing the role of local operators on the site.